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With over 30 years experience in providing specialist Urology care

North Eastern Urology is one of Victoria’s most experienced and respected groups. Providing a full range of adult Urological services for women and men throughout Exford. Our comprehensive multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to providing high quality customer service and healthcare including quick access to latest technologies and clinical trials.

North Eastern Urology is a group practice which has the advantage of having consultation sessions every day at a number of locations.

We are able to assist patients in urgent need with a Urologist available for operating every day. NEU has a dedicated full-time Urology Nurse who educates patients and assists with management of Urological issues. Multidisciplinary care is provided to patients with a Radiation Oncologist and physiotherapist in the rooms and close liaison with Oncology, Pathology and Radiology.

Conditions our team can treat:

What to expect when seeing our Urologists

  • You will need to provide a referral from your GP which will allow you to claim a rebate through Medicare. The referral also helps advise the Specialist of your medical history and previous test results.
  • You will be required to complete a registration form with information such as your address, Medicare number, Health insurance details, Next of Kin, allergies, medications etc.
  • Once your paperwork is completed one of our Urologists will take you through to a consulting room to discuss your medical history focusing on your underlying problem.
  • Depending on your condition a physical exam may be performed plus a digital rectal exam (males only) to assess the prostate.
  • The Urologist will discuss the most appropriate treatment options with you to meet your situation and ensure you are comfortable with the approach planned.
  • Often additional tests such as PSA, testosterone, Kidney function or Radiology imaging. The Urologist will provide you with a request for to have these performed.
  • Should a procedure be required we will discuss determine the date, hospital and anaesthetist for your procedure and our administration team provide you with a quotation on the overall cost and out of pocket expenses if any.

If you need more information please contact our team of experienced urologists on 9457 4445.

local urologists near Exford


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