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Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine whilst coughing, walking, sneezing, standing or exerting pressure.

In males, urinary leakage may be as a result of surgery to the muscle that controls the flow of urine. This muscle is called the external urethral sphincter and is sometimes weak following surgery to the prostate.

At North Eastern Urology, our Urology staff will discuss your concerns and will arrange tests to ensure the diagnosis is accurate. Once this is determined, your Urologist will discuss the most appropriate management for you.

Diagram: Advance Male Sling

The Male Sling is designed to stop leakage by supporting the sphincter muscle. As seen on the diagram, the sling is placed inside your body and around the sphincter and acts as a hammock to prevent urine leakage.

Before surgery

Once week prior to the surgery you will be required to have a urine culture. The Urologist will check the results and will prescribe antibiotics if a urinary tract infection is detected.

You are required to have an anaesthetic for this procedure. The Urologist will make a perineal incision and a water proof will be applied. This is to be left intact. You will be in hospital for 3 days. Following your procedure you will have a urethral catheter. This will be removed 2 days later and the nursing staff will monitor your voiding and will check to ensure you are emptying adequately using the bladder ultrasound machine. You will be discharged when the Urologist is happy you are voiding well and you pain is under control.

Following discharge

  • You will return to the rooms 1 week for a wound check by the Practice Nurse. Please leave your dressing intact.
  • Avoid constipation as this puts unnecessary strain on the suture line. Ensure your diet is high in fibre with adequate fluids.
  • It is strongly advisable you do no heaving lifting for 6 weeks, no squatting or bending for 4 weeks. Gentle exercise such as walking is advisable.
  • No sexual intercourse for 6 weeks.
  • You are required to refrain from driving for 4 weeks.
  • You are required to remain at home from work for 4-6 weeks. Please discuss this further with your surgeon.
  • You will return to the rooms 6 weeks following your procedure for a review by your surgeon.
  • A medical certificate will be issued on request.

It is advisable you call the rooms and speak to the Practice Nurse if you experience any of the following:

  • Pain – increased and not relieved by medication
  • Difficulty or unable to pass urine
  • Redness and inflammation to incision sites
  • Fever
  • Chills
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