Hydrocele Melbourne

A hydrocele is a collection of fluid in the space around the testicle which is surrounded by a sac called the Tunica Vaginalis. Hydroceles can occur at any age and usually for no apparent reason. They often grow slowly over months or years.


  • If the hydrocele is not causing any symptoms, it is sometimes left alone and monitored. If it becomes larger and causing discomfort, treatment may be required.
  • Surgery to repair the hydrocele is indicated if the hydrocele is large and causing pain/discomfort. The repair is made through an incision in the scrotum. Depending on the size, the sac may be partially removed and/or wrapped inside out around the epididymis.


Following surgery

    • Following surgery, the scrotum may be bruised, tender and swollen. This is because the raw area left in place of the hydrocele tends to ooze blood internally. This often takes two weeks to settle. Rarely, the testicle continues to make a lot of fluid, and a recurrent hydrocele reforms.
    • It is wise to rest for a few days following your procedure.
    • It is advisable you wear supportive underwear and take regular pain relief (as recommended by your surgeon).
    • It is recommended you don’t do any heaving lifting for 2 weeks following procedure.
    • You will return to the rooms for a wound check 1 week following your procedure and then 3 weeks later for a review with your surgeon.
    • Please call the Practice Nurse if swelling is worsening, the scrotum is more painful or you have developed a fever.
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