Gold Seeds (Fudicial Markers) Melbourne

Gold seeds (fudicial markers) are tiny seeds inserted into the prostate to help locate the position of the prostate during radiotherapy planning and treatment. The seeds are inserted under anaesthetic and via transperineal ultrasound guidance (the same procedure for transperineal biopsy of the prostate).

This procedure requires a general anaesthetic and you will only be required to attend as a day case. You must arrange to have a family member or friend drive you home.

Please alert your doctor or the Practice Nurse if you are taking any blood thinning medications. If you are taking aspirin, you may continue with this. All other blood thinning medications must be withheld for several days. Your doctor or nurse will provide further information on this.

In some instances, during seed insertion, you may also have a temporary spacer inserted between the prostate and the rectum prior to receiving radiation treatment. This is to keep your rectum safe. Please refer to handout on ‘Protecting your rectum during radiation therapy’.

Complications that may develop following your procedure include:

  • Difficulty passing urine (as long as you don’t have a urinary tract infection, this is normal and will resolve. It is important to maintain a high fluid intake for a few days)
  • Blood in your semen (this is normal and can persists for up to 8 weeks)
  • Blood in the urine (this is normal and needs to be monitored. Increase and maintain a high fluid intake for a few days)
  • Erectile dysfunction (this occurs in less than 3 % of patients and in majority of patients it does resolve. There are conflicting reports regarding this, however, may be up to 3%)
  • Infection – (up to 10 fold less common than for a Transrectal Biopsy)

Following your procedure, it is important to maintain a high fluid intake and have a regular bowel routine.

Please call the rooms if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Increased pain
  • Unable to pass urine for more than 6 hours and/or if you are in discomfort
  • Persistent bleeding not resolved by increased fluid intake
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