This procedure is indicated if you have phimosis (tightening of the prepuce that prevents retraction over the glans), paraphimosis (unreplaceable retraction of a narrow foreskin that causes a painful swelling of the glans, balanitis (inflammation of the prepuce) and recurrent tears in the frenulum.

Circumcision is the surgical removal of tissue covering the glans. This procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic and is a day procedure.

Following your surgery

You will wake up after a general anaesthetic. A local anaesthetic block will have been used as well so there should not be much pain for a few hours. After this, take the pain medication you have been given every 4-6 hours (2 tablets) as required. A dressing has been wrapped around the end of your penis. Some blood may ooze out – this is rarely a problem. Try to keep the dressing intact and relatively dry. A swift shower is O.K. If the dressing falls off leave the penis naked (dressings will often fall off in the first 24hours. Do not be alarmed).

Things to remember

  • Rest for the first 48 hours.
  • Soak off the dressing in the shower/bath after approximately 72 hours. If you are having a bath use lukewarm water and add salt.
  • The stitches are dissolvable and will take approximately 14 days to completely dissolve.
  • The wound will look red/blue and swollen, particularly underneath for 2-3 weeks.
  • You will not have any difficulty urinating.
  • If it has been a difficult circumcision due to adhesions inside (usually the foreskin has been non retractile for many years), then the tip of the penis will be red, sore and weepy for some time.
  • Snug underwear for support may help reduce the pain and discomfort. In some cases, if irritation/sensitivity is too severe, loose clothing is required.
  • Once the bandage is off, you may use male pads for added comfort.
  • You may also soak (5-10 mins) the penis in a cup of water with salt twice a day for added comfort once the bandage is removed (1 cup lukewarm water and I teaspoon salt mixed together).
  • Do not be surprised if your urine sprays for the first few days. This will resolve as swelling subsides.
  • You are generally off work or school for 3-5 days. However, if your work entails heavy lifting and is very physical then you may require another 7 days off. Discuss this with your doctor.
  • You must refrain from intercourse for 4 weeks following the procedure. You should also use a condom for 4-6 weeks after resuming intercourse to enable to suture line to completely heal and settle.
  • A wound check will be arranged in the rooms 1-2 weeks following the surgery.
  • You will be given a review appointment with your surgeon 2-6 weeks following your procedure.

Please call the rooms and speak to the Practice Nurse if you experience any of the following:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Red, inflamed suture line
  • Fever
  • Sutures still visible after 4 weeks.
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