Procedure for Urethral Meatal Dilation

This information is intended as a guide only, please ask your doctor if you have any questions.

Urethral meatal dilation is the insertion of a dilator along the meatal urethra to dilate the stricture. The frequency of dilations will be determined by your doctor. Generally, you will start with daily dilations and following further discussion with the Practice Nurse, further advice on be provided on frequency and follow up.

This procedure is best in the morning following your shower when you are most relaxed

Equipment required

  • Meatal dilator
  • Water soluble lubricant such as KY Jelly
  • Wipes (optional)

Following your shower, lubricate the dilator well and whilst holding the penis out straight, insert the dilator into the urethral opening.

You are required to move the dilator in and out gently. Move the dilator in and out 5-6 times. Initially, you may only be able to insert the dilator a short way. As your confidence builds and the narrowing remains dilated, you will be able to insert the dilator further in until you can insert approx. 2 inches of the dilator.

If you have difficulties inserting the dilator, then DO NOT force it. Please call the rooms for further advice.

What do I do following the procedure?

  • Wipe the penis using body wipes or a wet cloth
  • Return foreskin to normal position (if foreskin)
  • Recap lubricant
  • Wash the meatal dilator with soap and water, dry thoroughly and store in a dry container or snap lock bag ready for next use

Inserting a foreign object into the urethra has the potential to cause the following:

  • Signs of urinary tract infection – offensive urine, the need to pass urine more frequently,
  • Fever
  • Feeling unwell

If any of the symptoms are experienced, please contact the rooms and speak to the Practice Nurse.

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